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Tube Structure

Our plastic and laminated tubes have multiple applications. They are widely used for the packing of cosmetic aid products, pharmaceutical products, toothpaste and shoeshine etc. Our tubes will enhance your products visibility and present new marketing opportunities for them.

Tubes have nomenclature, like other products, all their own. Before you order tubes, refer to and know the following key parts.
A. Outside Diameter
B. Body Length
C. Wall thickness
D. Shoulder Thickness
E. Neck Length
F. Neck Orifice Diameter

Keep in mind when inquiry to us, the following facts will help us serve you better.

1. Products to be packaged, then we can decide what material will be used
2. Tube diameter and tube length or volume desired
3. Neck size and type for opening
4. Cap style and cap color
5. Printing requirements (print colors, artworks etc.)
6. Quantity
7. Delivery desired.
8. Payment terms
9. Special features. If anything special, please feel free to tell us.

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